Are you happy with your life?

Today I want to talk about something a lot of people are going through. I have had this issue in my family as of recently and I thought that I would talk about it a little if not to help myself make sense of it but also to help others that may be going through the same thing. My question to you today is, are you happy with your life??? Are you happy with your job? Your school? If not, why not? Having recently asked myself the very same question I came up with a list of answers that pointed more towards the 'make a change' direction. So I sat down to a long and hard brainstorming session about what I could do to improve my life, make myself feel happier or even identify what it was that was making me unhappy.

When I thought about it careful I realized it was my school situation, the courses I was taking were no longer of interest to me and would not benefit me in the coming years for my career choice. When I had sorted it out, I could not sit by and let it eat away at me each and every day. I thought, what do I really want out of life? More money? No... More friends? Got plenty but more is always good... When I thought long and hard about this I came to the conclusion that what I wanted was not to have to get up at 6am and catch a bus but to be able to support myself, study what interested me and help others.

I have since then volunteered at my local church where I will be assisting them with production and youth programs helping kids in schools for the rest of this year which I will then resume my studies in a better series of courses next year. I have also decided to open my own podcast/membership site in the meantime which should support me while I do the volunteer work. I feel like I have this sort of calling to help others and by volunteering I may not get paid in cash but the feeling you get from the smiles on the kids faces is definitely rewarding enough.

EzineArticles - Expert Author | Site Update

The past week has been hectic but there is some exciting news for everyone who visits the blog regularly. A couple weeks back I submitted an article of mine to EzineArticles and just received word today that it was accepted and that I have been classified as an Expert Author. Over the next few weeks you will see more articles and special reports popping up on my author page which will be linked below. I will also be adding links to the author page throughout the blog. Hopefully this is another step forward for the blog with hopefully more readers coming to the blog and benefiting from the content.

I have posted some links below to articles and my author page.

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Have a safe and happy weekend! Remember, posting will be back to normal next week.

Is fear holding you back?

So recently I have talked a little about fear but I thought today I would delve into the topic a little more. Fear is often one of the worst emotions we can have, it is restrictive, frightening and sometimes paralyzing in regards to making advancements in our life. Fear can hold us back from taking opportunities, making that next step, talking to that important person and can often be the one thing that dictates how our lives play out.

If you have ever been skydiving you will know that when you first think about it, two thoughts will arise. These are either, 'I want to give this a shot' or 'No way!'. The people who think 'No way!', straight off the bat often wont go ahead with it and therefor miss out on one of the most amazing experiences ever. The people who say 'Yes!' straight away will then continue down two sub-paths. When up in the plane the thoughts, 'Yes!' or 'I don't know about this...' will arise. Do you back out and let fear stop you? Or do you press on and have the time of your life? People often don't make that last step, they have done the work and all they have to do is make one last small step over that line to reap the benefits but they are afraid of what is on the other side.

Fear is a force that often can destroy lives and sometimes fear is what puts us in the right place at the right time, knowing how to control your fear is the important thing and ultimately the hardest thing to learn.

Putting in your heart, mind and soul!

Sitting on the bus today I could not think of an idea to base today's article on. When I got home, I looked up some news on the internet and saw that a 16 year old girl named Jessica Watson is on a quest to sail around the world solo. You may wonder, what does this have to do with self help and development? Well... part of making life the best it can be is to put effort into what we want to achieve. The only way to achieve something is to try it and that is what I see this young lady doing.

Although the notion of being the first and youngest female to sail around the world may see daunting for some, Jessica has put her heart and soul into this dream of hers and will see it through. There is quite a bit we can draw from Jessica and her attitude towards achieving her dream. Firstly to succeed at something, you must be passionate about it. Of course it is possible to succeed at something you are not passionate about but it is no fun at all, not like when you succeed at something your good at and enjoy doing. For some people it may be running short distances and qualifying for the olympics could be the goal, those people will get up at 4:30am every day to run and eat only certain foods to make sure they give themselves the best chance to qualify. Again, they are putting their hearts, their minds and their souls into this dream that is the life blood of who they are.

If you are good at something and you want to succeed at it or do even better, try to put even more effort in then before. You will find when you want something bad enough, you will go to extreme lengths to accomplish it! Here is to your success!

Don't wait for adventure, find it!

So I was listening to some of my old music the other day and I came upon this song by Coldplay, called Speed of Sound. As I listened to the lyrics I began to take my own understanding of the song, hence the post you are reading now.

From what I can gather, the song is about waiting for adventures and interesting things in life to occur. Waiting in life for adventures or waiting in life for you to feel alive is not the best concept to apply to your life. Instead, you should make your life fun, refreshing and make yourself feel alive everyday! Not having a fun and interesting life will often result in your job and spare time being dull and boring. One way of developing who you are is to live life and make it be the best it can be!

So what are you waiting for? Is your life the best and most fulfilled it could be?

Why you need sleep

After a good weeks work all I want to do when I get home is sit and relax in front of the television. Sometimes I sit and watch television until almost 2am and while the next day I feel fine, the combination of this with work and the stress of life today can have some adverse effects on your body.

While searching the web I found some information about sleep loss and what it does to your body. Rob Stein from the Washington Post writes, "Beyond leaving people bleary-eyed, clutching a Starbucks cup and dozing off at afternoon meetings, failing to get enough sleep or sleeping at odd hours heightens the risk for a variety of major illnesses, including cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity, recent studies indicate." (Article Link)

This is quite alarming as not having enough sleep can prove to pose serious health risks. I decided to test this out by sleeping a total of six hours in a seventy four period while playing computer games and I can personally say that by the end of the seventy four hours, I almost collapsed out of exhaustion. I was starting to feel dizzy and sick so I slept for around sixteen hours that following day and never again while I ever do it again on purpose.

Make sure you take the time to get a good eight hours a night and treat your body well. Part of developing yourself and being the best you can be is to keep yourself healthy and get some good sleep.

Positive outlook on life

Have you ever walked outside and thought, "it's a perfect day!". The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and it's not too hot! A day is only as good as you make it and often it starts with getting out of bed. Have you ever gotten out of bed, feeling grumpy and upset then walked outside in that same mood? You don't realize the beauty that is right in front of you! In life the more we don't look at things in a positive aspect, the worse they will seem.

Looking at a baby always seems to make me smile and appreciate life, but it takes more then just the baby for me to appreciate life. It is all that goes on surrounding the baby including the joy of new life, how cute and happy that baby is. So as you wake up and look outside, look, smell and do so in a positive attitude that will help you make the most of your day!



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