Are you happy with your life?

Today I want to talk about something a lot of people are going through. I have had this issue in my family as of recently and I thought that I would talk about it a little if not to help myself make sense of it but also to help others that may be going through the same thing. My question to you today is, are you happy with your life??? Are you happy with your job? Your school? If not, why not? Having recently asked myself the very same question I came up with a list of answers that pointed more towards the 'make a change' direction. So I sat down to a long and hard brainstorming session about what I could do to improve my life, make myself feel happier or even identify what it was that was making me unhappy.

When I thought about it careful I realized it was my school situation, the courses I was taking were no longer of interest to me and would not benefit me in the coming years for my career choice. When I had sorted it out, I could not sit by and let it eat away at me each and every day. I thought, what do I really want out of life? More money? No... More friends? Got plenty but more is always good... When I thought long and hard about this I came to the conclusion that what I wanted was not to have to get up at 6am and catch a bus but to be able to support myself, study what interested me and help others.

I have since then volunteered at my local church where I will be assisting them with production and youth programs helping kids in schools for the rest of this year which I will then resume my studies in a better series of courses next year. I have also decided to open my own podcast/membership site in the meantime which should support me while I do the volunteer work. I feel like I have this sort of calling to help others and by volunteering I may not get paid in cash but the feeling you get from the smiles on the kids faces is definitely rewarding enough.

EzineArticles - Expert Author | Site Update

The past week has been hectic but there is some exciting news for everyone who visits the blog regularly. A couple weeks back I submitted an article of mine to EzineArticles and just received word today that it was accepted and that I have been classified as an Expert Author. Over the next few weeks you will see more articles and special reports popping up on my author page which will be linked below. I will also be adding links to the author page throughout the blog. Hopefully this is another step forward for the blog with hopefully more readers coming to the blog and benefiting from the content.

I have posted some links below to articles and my author page.

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Have a safe and happy weekend! Remember, posting will be back to normal next week.

Is fear holding you back?

So recently I have talked a little about fear but I thought today I would delve into the topic a little more. Fear is often one of the worst emotions we can have, it is restrictive, frightening and sometimes paralyzing in regards to making advancements in our life. Fear can hold us back from taking opportunities, making that next step, talking to that important person and can often be the one thing that dictates how our lives play out.

If you have ever been skydiving you will know that when you first think about it, two thoughts will arise. These are either, 'I want to give this a shot' or 'No way!'. The people who think 'No way!', straight off the bat often wont go ahead with it and therefor miss out on one of the most amazing experiences ever. The people who say 'Yes!' straight away will then continue down two sub-paths. When up in the plane the thoughts, 'Yes!' or 'I don't know about this...' will arise. Do you back out and let fear stop you? Or do you press on and have the time of your life? People often don't make that last step, they have done the work and all they have to do is make one last small step over that line to reap the benefits but they are afraid of what is on the other side.

Fear is a force that often can destroy lives and sometimes fear is what puts us in the right place at the right time, knowing how to control your fear is the important thing and ultimately the hardest thing to learn.

Putting in your heart, mind and soul!

Sitting on the bus today I could not think of an idea to base today's article on. When I got home, I looked up some news on the internet and saw that a 16 year old girl named Jessica Watson is on a quest to sail around the world solo. You may wonder, what does this have to do with self help and development? Well... part of making life the best it can be is to put effort into what we want to achieve. The only way to achieve something is to try it and that is what I see this young lady doing.

Although the notion of being the first and youngest female to sail around the world may see daunting for some, Jessica has put her heart and soul into this dream of hers and will see it through. There is quite a bit we can draw from Jessica and her attitude towards achieving her dream. Firstly to succeed at something, you must be passionate about it. Of course it is possible to succeed at something you are not passionate about but it is no fun at all, not like when you succeed at something your good at and enjoy doing. For some people it may be running short distances and qualifying for the olympics could be the goal, those people will get up at 4:30am every day to run and eat only certain foods to make sure they give themselves the best chance to qualify. Again, they are putting their hearts, their minds and their souls into this dream that is the life blood of who they are.

If you are good at something and you want to succeed at it or do even better, try to put even more effort in then before. You will find when you want something bad enough, you will go to extreme lengths to accomplish it! Here is to your success!

Don't wait for adventure, find it!

So I was listening to some of my old music the other day and I came upon this song by Coldplay, called Speed of Sound. As I listened to the lyrics I began to take my own understanding of the song, hence the post you are reading now.

From what I can gather, the song is about waiting for adventures and interesting things in life to occur. Waiting in life for adventures or waiting in life for you to feel alive is not the best concept to apply to your life. Instead, you should make your life fun, refreshing and make yourself feel alive everyday! Not having a fun and interesting life will often result in your job and spare time being dull and boring. One way of developing who you are is to live life and make it be the best it can be!

So what are you waiting for? Is your life the best and most fulfilled it could be?

Why you need sleep

After a good weeks work all I want to do when I get home is sit and relax in front of the television. Sometimes I sit and watch television until almost 2am and while the next day I feel fine, the combination of this with work and the stress of life today can have some adverse effects on your body.

While searching the web I found some information about sleep loss and what it does to your body. Rob Stein from the Washington Post writes, "Beyond leaving people bleary-eyed, clutching a Starbucks cup and dozing off at afternoon meetings, failing to get enough sleep or sleeping at odd hours heightens the risk for a variety of major illnesses, including cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity, recent studies indicate." (Article Link)

This is quite alarming as not having enough sleep can prove to pose serious health risks. I decided to test this out by sleeping a total of six hours in a seventy four period while playing computer games and I can personally say that by the end of the seventy four hours, I almost collapsed out of exhaustion. I was starting to feel dizzy and sick so I slept for around sixteen hours that following day and never again while I ever do it again on purpose.

Make sure you take the time to get a good eight hours a night and treat your body well. Part of developing yourself and being the best you can be is to keep yourself healthy and get some good sleep.

Positive outlook on life

Have you ever walked outside and thought, "it's a perfect day!". The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and it's not too hot! A day is only as good as you make it and often it starts with getting out of bed. Have you ever gotten out of bed, feeling grumpy and upset then walked outside in that same mood? You don't realize the beauty that is right in front of you! In life the more we don't look at things in a positive aspect, the worse they will seem.

Looking at a baby always seems to make me smile and appreciate life, but it takes more then just the baby for me to appreciate life. It is all that goes on surrounding the baby including the joy of new life, how cute and happy that baby is. So as you wake up and look outside, look, smell and do so in a positive attitude that will help you make the most of your day!

New site features!

Recently the website has had plenty of updates and new features including the most recent upgrades a free newsletter and resource center. While these were ways for people to keep in contact with the site and for users to find the site in general, they have become invaluable ways of keeping the site organized and filled with content.

We have seen recently the start of the questions and answers forms which have been fixed and re-created as they had some errors before so feel free to use those services for free. We are also looking for people to sign-up for the free newsletter for free products and reviews/updates.

I have been extremely busy fixing up the site and with life so this will be taking place of Mondays post but we will return on Thursday to our normal posts full of content that will help you enrich and empower yourselves to live life at its best!

I hope you have a safe and happy weekend and make sure you sign up for the newsletter and visit the store for some great priced products!


Chris Newman | Author

Tips for public speaking

It has been a while since I touched on public speaking and I have to present another speech tomorrow in front of a small audience talking about autism and the various behavioral and emotional effects that occur in the autistic person and in their family and friends. Because it is such an emotional subject for some people, I need to be able to deliver the speech just right. Because this is not my usual subject of discussion with people, I have been freaking out a little bit the past few days but this morning when I woke up and decided to go over the speech one last time, I had nothing but excitement that I would be able to deliver a speech and talk about such an interesting and intricate subject such as autism.

I have some more tips for you all to take on board if you have to speak in public. I define public speaking as 'speaking to one or more people in a public arena'. Basically, if you are talking to 2 people in a park then you are speaking publicly. Most people see public speaking as this humongous wall of death that they hate. My first tip for today is...

Tip #1 - Don't set yourself up for too much
By this I mean, don't set yourself a mindset that public speaking is this horrible task that is hard and embarrassing. Because when you get up to talk, the only thing going through your mind is this is going to be so hard and embarrassing. Instead you need to build yourself up, which is my next point.

Tip #2 - Build yourself up!
Before I go into a speaking situation, I often think to myself. 'This is totally yours, your going to destroy this!' Obviously, in the younger generation, 'your going to destroy this' means you will succeed at this with no problems. Reassuring yourself that everything will be okay will result in little issues or problems that may occur during the speech.

Tip #3 - Know how to recover
If a joke doesn't get the response you wanted or you muddle your up words, I mean muddle up your words then don't stop and wait for people to respond. Move on and ignore it, people are less likely to think about something if you don't.

Those have been my top 3 latest public speaking tips! Wish me luck for tomorrow.

Give it a shot!

If your ever in that place of your life where your not sure whether you want to give something a go or not, then today's post is just for you! Whether your scenario is a relationship, a job interview or rock climbing, you still need to make the decision to give it a shot or not. The first question you should ask yourself when considering the factors is, "What impact will this have on me?" and the second question is, "What if in 10 years or even 50 years I look back and I didn't do it? Will I regret it?" For something so simple as rock climbing for some people, can seem like climbing a mountain for others. Being able to tackle the fear and actually give it a shot could change your life forever! What if you had never had the courage to say hello to your partner? How would your life have turned out? You would have regretted it I'll bet!

Don't let fear control you or your choices, make the choices deep down you want to make and maximize your life!

Standing up to bullies! (Threats)

So whether it is at school or the workplace, there are bullies everywhere. The typical person who picks on others and degrades their esteem to make themselves feel better. I used to get picked on in school quite a bit but I have known some tricks to help you out when it comes to bullies in your life.

1. Ignore them
As strange as it may seem, bullies get pleasure out of your pain... So by ignoring them your not reacting.

Bullying + Reaction = Continual Bullying


Bullying + No Reaction = No response or reaction for them to enjoy

When you don't give them a reaction, they don't get anything out of bullying you.

2. Get someone else involved
Whether your in school and it be your headmaster or your boss at work, if someone is bullying you then get someone with authority involved. You would be surprised how much a bully will usually repent when they are being yelled at by a person who has authority over them. Sometimes this makes them angrier at you though, so I recommend using this if you have to and possibly in conjunction with ignoring them.

I hope these simple tips will help you to make the most of your day and to stop worrying about those pesky bullies who make life miserable!

Managing Frustration

Today I want to talk about managing frustration, if you have ever had a bad day or a day where nothing seems to do what you want it to then you will be able to relate to this article. Today I found that my computer was broken and the company refused to help me fix it because it involved them sending a new computer because they installed some hardware wrong initially. This got me quite upset because that is a $1500 dollar computer that does not work anymore and I now have to spend a further $1500 dollars to get another. While on the phone to technical support, I felt like yelling at them but instead I took some of my own little tips and calmed myself down. I am going to show these tips with you, maybe they will help you just as much as they helped me.

1. Take a deep breath
Surprisingly, a deep breath can make things seem much better. I find when people are upset or frustrated with something they will own race through things and jump to conclusions. A deep breath is a quick break for people to slow down and take a moment to put things in perspective. This was the tip that saved me from loosing it on the phone today.

2. Find a minute for yourself
Honestly, find an excuse if your upset to go away and be with yourself for 5 minutes. If you want to take your anger out on a pillow or talk to yourself about the issue then do so. Lock the door, get your favorite thing (maybe a biscuit or a cup of hot chocolate) and just de-stress.

3. Talk about it
When your done pondering and you have consumed your hot chocolate or biscuit, if you feel comfortable talking the issue then find a family member or friend and talk to them about it. I am just about to go ring my friend on the phone and talk to him about it, see if he knows someone that can give me a good deal on a new computer.

4. Don't let it control you!
Most importantly, don't let the issue reside in you. The more you think about it after you have discussed the issue, the worse you will feel about it. Just let it pass and forget about it. It's for the better!

I hope these tips have been helpful and help you de-stress next time your feeling frustrated or angry.

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Question and Answer

I have decided to start up a service on the blog, free of course! Basically you click the little 'contact me' link in the menu bar and a pop-up window will appear. Simply ask any question you would like and I will answer them back and feature a few on the site in a series of question and answer posts. I found this to be helpful in several other activities I have done because it helps to answer questions for people that may be confused or help people identify that they aren't alone in an issue they may be struggling with.

Being in a community is very important and having people to talk to whether it be at work, church or in your family is essential to dealing with any issues that may arise. If you want me to answer a question but you do not want it featured on the site then please let me know in the email. I look forward to receiving all your questions and replying to you soon!

Changes in life!

Hi there, if your new to the site then you probably wont see the double meaning in this article however if you are a recurring visitor then you might. The point here is that today the site got a complete overhaul with new backgrounds, images, social networking communities, contact information and much more however like always there is something to do with self improvement and self development that we can draw from this idea of a fresh look to the site. The whole idea of changes has got me excited about the blog more then ever because its not the same old same old post monday then post on thursday. When I look at the site now it is this beautifully laid out, busy looking masterpiece and life can be like this too. You see, as things get into a routine we become less innovative and put less effort into them.

The first time you went to work, your tie was done perfectly, you were five minutes early and your shoes were brand spanking new however four years after working there, you forget your tie, occasionally late and goodness knows the conditions of your shoes. However if we make the small effort to change and mix life up a little it can keep us motivated and excited about life and the issues we tackle in life. So my challenge too you is to make a change in something you do, something that will make you want to get up in the morning, maybe a jog around the block listening too your favorite music, stopping and picking up a newspaper and getting to know people at the shop. You may find that these become routine but then the conversations and people you talk to will keep things fresh.

Either way, there are steps we can take to keep life fresh and exciting and your might be right under the tip of your nose! So this week, have a look through the blog and revisit your favorite posts, join the communities and follow us on Twitter because its the same old blog, with a brand new look!


Something I haven't really touched on that much is relaxation. As of late I have been listening to a few relaxation cd's when I get a spare minute from my hectic life and honestly they are really calming. Now you don't have to spend lots of money on cd's to really feel relaxed, simply taking five minutes for yourself, a deep breath and maybe a coffee with your feet up while watching some television. I think people these days are so busy with their daily lives they have no time to relax and give themselves a second to think and recuperate. We aren't designed to just work, work and continue working like mindless slaves, we need to spend time with people and every now and then take a second too relax and just enjoy peace. I like to go bush walking every now and then, there are some beautiful walking trails in the mountains a couple hours from my house and its just amazing and peaceful walking through the forest. Life's worries seem to fade and I can finally relax. Make sure you take a break for yourself this week and maybe even a bush walk if you have some spare time.

A couple days left! Teaser Trailer!

With only a couple days left until the first few audio courses are released, I have put together a little movie montage for you to watch. It is on youtube to create awareness for the product and too make sure that many more people are able to check out the product and get the most out of it.

In a couple days I will be posting up some more information about where to get the audios and more articles to help inspire and motivate you!

PS. Please comment and rate the video so that it hits the top of the youtube search box and is easier for people too find!


In lieu of next weeks release of my product, this post wont be massive but will still be relevant to the topics we discuss usually.

"Blushing, whether is happens suddenly for no reason or because you slipped on a banana peel and went flying across the hall and smashed into another person, knocking them over and spilling your coffee all over yourself is still annoying and often, a little frustrating. Not everyone blushes only when they are embarrassed, I know people who blush when they hear their name. When I ask them what it is that makes them do that, they say that they don't know why. They aren't embarrassed, it just became this thing that happens.

Of course people who talk about fixing it say some good things and bad things. Some of the methods out now are good but I think there are other ways to tackle the issue. Other simply say, 'Man up and get over it!' However like every thing in self development, it's not always as easy as just getting over the issue. We have to tackle it and understand what makes it such an issue, then target it at the core and make sure we can find a way to defeat it or suppress it. Running away from the issue is not a good idea because sooner or later in life it will come back and you wont know how to deal with it because you have been running away from it or it will wreck something like your decision to apply for a job because you think it might cause you to blush when you enter the building.

I think spending time where that fear is, say talking to girls is hard at the beginning and sure, you may be uncomfortable and blush a fair bit but you start to become comfortable and feel confident when you do something enough times. My first job in high school was working at McDonald's. I felt slightly awkward and embarrassed about working there but after a couple shifts, I got used to it and I became more confident and to be honest, my work efficiency increased and I started to really enjoy working there.

So if you find blushing is being a problem, take a deep breath. Try to figure out what it is that is causing that blushing, if it's just it randomly comes up when people say your name then maybe ask a friend or a family member about it and get them to say your name until you get used to it a little. I wish you all the best of luck :)

Little note, after the weekend passes I will be bringing out the first two episodes of my product and I will be posting links where everyone can have a look and buy. :)

Have a safe and happy weekend!

Almost There! Sneak Product Preview!

Today I am bringing you a sneak peak of my new product with an exclusive preview! Below is another sample audio that is the introduction to my new audio series focusing on self development. The 4 minute instructional audio will introduce you to myself and Karl Perera (co-partner/speaker) and get you ready to dive into the wealth of knowledge we have to share!


More details will come in a few days where you can get these audios!

Get ready to be inspired and motivated to break free from the troubles in your life!

There will be information posted up on More and on Steve Pavlina's Forum and Self Development

Personal Development - My First Product

Hi there,

Beginning next week I will be launching the first of my self development products that I have created along with my good friend Karl Perera. In the next few days I will post again with a link to the products but today I have a sneak preview for you. I have a couple voice samples from the products that you can listen to in advance. The two podcasts will be 45mins - 50mins each and focus on self esteem and public speaking. The audio recordings will feature in depth tips, suggestions, tactics, stories, personal experiences and quotes that will help motivate and inspire you.


Below are the samples you can listen too and I will update you once again in the next few days!

Have a great weekend :)

- Chris Newman

5 Leadership Quotes

Lately I have been doing a series of posts regarding what makes a good leader and similar posts regarding leadership, today I bring you my top 5 quotes to help you be the best leader you can be!

#1 The best example of leadership is leadership by example.
This is a great quote that outlines the fact that the best way to be a leader and to show others the way is to demonstrate it by being an example for people to draw upon and follow.

#2 Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.
This is a major quote because it shows us that being a leader is more then just getting things correct, we have to pick the correct things that will benefit all involved and make the right decisions.

#3 You do not lead by hitting people over the head - that’s assault, not leadership.
Again, being a leader is more then telling people what to do. It's showing them, helping them and ultimately being there throughout the process.

#4 Leadership, like swimming, cannot be learned by reading about it.
This quote is so true, we can't learn to lead by only reading. We need to put the things into use, constantly keep ourselves open to learn more and grow in our leadership skills.

#5 A leader is kind, considerate and compassionate above all else.
Just a friendly reminder that above all else, a good leader is helpful and kind towards his/her team members and a good attitude will help the project run smoothly.

I hope you find these helpful and that they inspire you to be the best leader you can be! :D

1000 Year Event

Okay so today in Australia is the 7th of August (8th Month) and the year is 2009. The time was 12 o'clock (midday), 34 minutes and 56 seconds. Then it struck me... 12:34:56 07/08/09. When I thought about it a little more, it turns out this event only happens every 1000 years. It made me wonder about how things in life can happen and we don't realize the significance or the importance of them. So the message if anything from this is to treasure the moments in life we can because later in life we might not recognize the impact they had on our future or present decisions.


Each and every day we have to make choices regarding family, friends, work and life. There are the basic choices we make such as, "What should I have for dinner tonight?" and there are more complex choices people may have to make. Regardless, a choice is having one or more consequence that an event or decision may lead to. People that speed through a red light made a choice to disobey the law and might cause an accident, that is a choice they made. Making the right choice isn't always easy, there are many options sometimes and we can't always have all of them making choosing difficult in some cases.

To help illustrate this a little, I want you to think of a cake. A cake is both delicious and the result of choices. The first choice is, should I make a cake? The second is deciding what type of cake. Butterscotch or Black Forest cake? Then the ingredients are all the results of the decision on the type of cake. The final result is the cake and eating it is another choice. Sometimes we know the choices we may have to face in any given day such as if we planned to do the grocery shopping on Tuesday and sometimes they come as a result of being unprepared or thinking illogically.

The strange thing is one choice can change our lives forever, that one decision to speed through that red light could be our death. However before we make decisions, we need to stop and consider who else they are effecting... Too often we choose something based on our own desires but we don't stop to consider the ripple effect it may have on people. We may like a chocolate cake but everyone else wants vanilla, so what do we do? Do we bake the chocolate or vanilla cake? If I can pass on one thing it would be to make sure when you make a decision, you consider the effect it will have one someone you know or love.

What makes a good leader?

Today I want to discuss what makes a good and successful leader...

To be a good leader, I strongly feel they must be the following:

A good leader needs to care for his/her fellow team members, showing compassion and being able to handle any situation with an open mind.

A good leader needs to be a source of motivation and inspiration for his/her team mates, to give the team strength when it is going through thick and thin.

Easy to talk to/Confident
A good leader needs to be able to talk to their members with confidence and be available for any concerns that anyone might have.

Decision Making
A good leader needs to be able to make decisions that will benefit his/her team while taking into considerations any concerns from the team.

Finally, I will leave you with a video from Desmond Tutu with his opinions on leadership.

Judgment - An Unfortunate Act

We all pass judgment too quickly these days, and unfortunately it can land us in a whole world of trouble. Driving in your car to work, you see a person on a motorbike going too fast and you think, 'What an idiot!' For all we know, his wife is giving birth and he isn't there too see it. The problem with judgment is often people make these 'judgments' about others and don't keep an open mind for the person to prove them otherwise.

For instance, one example of 'judging a book by its cover' was when Susan Boyle, a contestant on Britain's Got Talent 2009 broke through the judgments made against her and showed everyone what talent she really had. When she appeared on stage, the judges snickered and made jokes against her and then she opened her mouth and sang... Not one of those judges for a second could believe their eyes and ears, this lady that didn't look like anything special has this amazing voice. What is even better is that they probably felt guilty as hell for being so rude and demoralizing.

Now not every case is like Susan Boyle's and by pushing through you may not land yourself a record deal like she did but showing people that you are more then what meets the eye is a prize in itself and not letting the judgments made by people affect you is probably the most essential step. Remember, a judgment is only an opinion and an opinion is only a theory. A theory isn't a fact and it's your job to prove that theory false.

Confidence Quotes

I realized I didn't have many self confidence quotes on the blog and this is something that I get asked a lot about and I thought that everyone would benefit if I posted a few for you to have a look at.

So here are my top 5 self confidence quotes, enjoy! ^^

1. Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the face.
- Helen Keller

2. Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.
- Robert F Kennedy

3. One of the greatest moments in anybody's developing experience is when he no longer tries to hide from himself but determines to get acquainted with himself as he really is.
- Norman Vincent Peale

4. Know yourself and you will win all battles.
- Sun Tzu

5. It's lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believe in myself.
- Muhammad Ali

Economic Crisis and Self Development

With the current economic decline taking its toll on jobs, finances, institutions, cost of living, etc... It is monumentally hard to keep food on the table for some people. The old times of living in which we could not worry so much about job stability and banks going bankrupt are long gone and hopefully one day it may return but for now we are stuck in this downward spiral and for some people, it has turned into a downward spiral of depression, fear and wrecked their self esteem and confidence.

People become worried and freak out when they don't have a job anymore and have a family to feed, house mortgage repayments, food, clothing, pet costs and much more... I want you to do one thing for me, write down on a piece of paper everything you have that you are thankful for, then stick this up on your fridge and each day for the next week or so look at it when you get something from the fridge or stick it beside your computer and realize that despite the current economic troubles, you are doing okay. You have a computer and internet connection (how else would you read this???) and you have clothes, food (I never have enough but that is beside the point) and a roof over your head.

If we give thanks for what we have and don't give into fear or depression, fight it off and remain strong and confident!

“Don't wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. So what. Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful.”
- Mark Victor Hansen

Make The Most Of Every Day

Do you ever feel like you don't finish everything you wanted to do in a single day? Do you become stressed out because there is just too much to do? I know I sometimes feel like this and so I thought I would post an article to help everyone out with this dilemma, and show you how you can get the most of every day.

The tips for this will be broken down into individual sections so that it is easier to grasp them, as a long article without breaks can be a little overwhelming...

Getting The Most Of Every Day

1. Relax
When it feels like you have to do 1001 things in a single day or over a period of a week, slow down and take a deep breath. The key is relaxing and thinking logically about how you will order out and do these tasks. Leaving them half done and moving onto another isn't going to help because you will forget some, wont get them finished or problems will occur during tasks that will leave problems with other tasks. Relax and think logically, it will make a world of difference.

2. Plan Out Your Day / Week
Make sure you plan out what you have to do, this doesn't have to be a massive calendar with notes for every minute of the day but simply a list of what you have to do that day or throughout the week will definitely assist you in getting all the tasks done on time. If possible, sit down with your family or partner and discuss if they can help you get some of these done, possibly your husband or wife could help you in taking the kids to soccer practice while you get dinner going and take a conference call. Being able to distribute your tasks evenly and plan out ahead, will minimize stress, anxiety and frustration down the path.

3. Set Aside You / Family Time
Some people are work machines, they don't stop until they get everything done and this is a mistake I believe. You should set aside at least 30 minutes to 1 hour each day minimum for you to sit down, watch television, read a book, call a friend, do whatever you want and just not think about work. If we work too much, it often consumes us and our family and social lives can suffer.

4. Don't Procrastinate
This is possibly the worst thing you could do, sure I advise you set time out for yourself and your family but being lazy and not doing the work will land you in a world of trouble when people need things on their desks... Don't over work but certainly don't under work...

I hope these tips help you out in planning out and getting through the tasks you have to complete each day or throughout the week. I know that when I sat down and followed these tips, I definitely saw a difference in the efficiency of my work and I hope they work just as well for you too.

peace out ^_^

Self-Motivation Journey - Outline

Part of loving life and feeling good about yourself; is taking care of yourself. Lately, my hectic schedule has left me feeling quite sick and tired and so it has inspired me to go and do a 30 day self-motivation / cleanup journey. If you like you can follow along with me and motivate yourself to get back into the proper lifestyle.

Firstly, let me outline... I am neither overweight nor underweight, I eat probably more carbohydrates and snack-meals then I should because my study and lifestyle is so crazy and always changing I barely have a minute to sit down and think.

My daily routine will be as follows:

1. Wake up at 5:30am
You will probably be thinking, 5:30am!!! That is before the sun rises and yes for some people it may be, and getting out of bed is just one important step to getting back on track with your lifestyle and health.

2. Eat a proper breakfast (cereal / toast)
Because this isn't a weight loss or strict health guide, I don't care what type of cereal you eat or what you put on your toast but I will be eating a cereal that contains fruit, oats and bran (more tasty then it sounds) and the toast will have jam and butter on it.

3. A glass of lemon water
It has been found that drinking a glass of lukewarm / room temperature water with an added twist of lemon can cleanse your body of toxins, cut down fat, boost your vitamin C levels and strengthen the immune system.

4. Plan out my daily schedule
If I can plan out what I must do to accomplish my daily routine in advance, that way I don't have to be pedantic and stress out during the day and being relaxed is just one way I wont be as tired and burnt out at the end of the day.

This 30 day journey is just one way that I can improve my lifestyle, my health and motivate myself to continue developing who I am each and every day. You may be wondering what could possibly relate both improving health and our self development, but as outlined before, being healthy and confident in ourselves and our bodies is an essential part of our self esteem and the development of ourselves.

I will be updating you regularly as I go and posting other material as well

peace out :)

5 Fantastic Fear Quotes

Fear always manages to wiggle into our lives at some point and leave us scared or anxious about doing something, such as public speaking which I have discussed in detail already or getting into a relationship with someone. So here are 5 fantastic fear quotes to motivate you to break through your fear roadblocks.

1. “The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure.” - Sven Goran Eriksson

2. “The key to change... is to let go of fear.” - Rosanne Cash

3. “Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.” - Author Unknown

4. “What we seek we shall find; what we flee from flees from us.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

5. “Fear of failure must never be a reason not to try something.” - Frederick Smith

For more quotes like these, visit the ThinkExist Quote Directory.

Hope these help you all!

peace out ^_^

Success: How do you measure up?

"Most successful men have not achieved their distinction by having some new talent or opportunity presented to them. They have developed the opportunity that was at hand."
–– Bruce Barton

Success is measured in many different ways, some people define personal success as achieving their life goal, example: getting married or becoming rich. However, on their way to achieving these goals they come across a road block and that might stop them from persevering and achieving those goals which they truly want to achieve. I think that failure and success are not directly related and hear me out, I mean that if you fail, it doesn't mean that you cannot succeed.

Failure is just one form of road block on our path to success and often failure is enough for people to throw the towel in and give up. Our various definitions of success also coincide with our various definitions of failure. Some see failure as never achieving your goals while others may see it as giving up on that goal or doubting your ability to achieve it.

Remember: Success is creating what you want the way you want it to be.

A little bit of homework for you:

What do you want to achieve today? What kind of roadblocks may you encounter? How will your persevere through these roadblocks? What will you do if you fail?

8 Keys to Success [Video]

Okay, I don't know what it is lately but I have been in the mood for something a little different from just writing text. So I have another video for you, this time it is about the '8 Keys to Success'. A man called 'Richard St. John' delivers his 2 hour seminar in 3 minutes and 30 seconds and despite the summarized version, it's very good and worth watching a few times to soak it all up.

The last still has all 8 keys all lined up into one nice little mind map, so I took a picture and re uploaded it for you all to look at.


Self Esteem Song (Self Esteem / The Offspring)

I have found this song called 'Self Esteem' by 'The Offspring' and if you look at the video below and have a listen to the lyrics, it actually has quite a good message despite its portrayal in this witty yet slightly catchy song.


Blushing: Top 5 Tips

Today I want to talk about blushing. It's something that most people think triggers simply when someone is embarrassed or uncomfortable in a situation. Well, I am here to tell you there is more then two reasons why people blush and unfortunately a lot of people suffer with it as a very large and sometimes crippling issue in their lives. Almost everyone at one point or another will have suffered from a 'red face' for example tripping on your own foot in front of a large group of people or wearing your jumper inside out and being the last person to notice.

Having spent a lot of time researching blushing, I found it often can make a massive difference to people's lives. When you blush, your face gets red and the more you think about it, the longer is seems to stay and the more intense the feeling gets. Often blushing also comes with added sweating in the upper head / forehead region which makes people feel even more uncomfortable. The issues that come with blushing can be quite severe, for example people may avoid applying for a job because they think they may appear strange if they blush in the interview, people may also not socialize with friends or develop relationships with people of the other gender because they don't want to blush anymore then they have to.

The unfortunate thing that comes with blushing is that most of the people that suffer from it don't even feel embarrassed or uncomfortable when it comes, it just hits them out of the blue and for no reason which makes them feel even more silly. The good news is that today's article has some helpful tips to help control the blushing and regain control of your life. So, lets begin with Tip #1.

Tip #1: Most People Don't Realize Your Blushing
The truth that most people don't seem to realize is that 99% of the time, people wont even realize that your blushing. Thinking about it makes it worse, so try to focus on the subject of the person you are talking to and ignore the blushing, it goes away as fast as it arrived - trust me!

Tip #2: Deep Breaths
Often, slowing down and taking a deep breathe is the best cure. Don't stop mid sentence and start breathing in and out because that surely will seem strange but just inhale and exhale until you feel calm and the blushing fades. Again it goes away as quick as it arrived.

Tip #3: Friend Support
If you have a well known friend that you can trust, tell them about your blushing and get them to help you. If you find you blush when talking to girls or guys, get a good friend of the opposite sex to try and make you blush. This sounds ridiculous, why would I want to blush when I am so sick of it? Because running away from it doesn't help one bit. You need to face it and get over the fear it brings because when you stop worrying about blushing, you wont notice it and it actually appears much less frequently and sometimes goes for good.

Tip #4: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Look at your mirror in the bathroom if you have one and practice blushing. Put yourself in an uncomfortable situation in your head and just watch your face. Again, this is could be a substitute if you don't have access to a friend at that time or your a bit shy to ask for friend support. Just watch your face blush then watch it fade away and get used to not worrying about it.

Tip #5: Blushing is Normal
Try to calm down and relax. When you relax and don't make something big out of blushing, your muscles relax and the flow of blood slows reducing the blushing. Everyone at some point or another blushes and everyone knows what it is like, your not alone.

That's it for today's article! I hope this really helps as I know firsthand the frustration that accompanies these issues, especially blushing.

peace out ^_^

A New Look at Drug and Alcohol Addiction

I thought it would be another good idea to post something about addiction as lately I have found most of the traffic coming from searches relating to addiction quotes or help with addiction. As you all know, I surf around on Steve Pavlina's Forums quite a bit and happened to find this article by andersonx. He wrote this and posted it so all credit goes to him, however it was such a great article I thought I would share it with all of you.

Following are extracts, click the link at the bottom of the page to see the full report.

STEP ONE: For years I’ve been goal-setting to become “addiction free”. Are you going to be really fired up and excited about becoming “addiction free”? Is it really going to inspire you to become “addiction free”? No way. However I redefined my goal as achieving a “new level of consciousness and inspired clean-living”.

Instead of this being the behaviour level change you might apply to a habit such as biting your finger nails or being untidy, this is going to be really inspiring, identity-level change. I was so inspired by Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks that I’ve often cried while watching the episodes of the series. He inspired me because the character is one of such deep integrity and self-respect, that you cannot ever imagine he would even consider polluting his body with drugs for pleasure. I realised how deeply I have wanted a set uncompromising values and integrity as part of who I am. I realised how deeply I wanted to be like the clean and moral man that he exemplifies, a man who would not be tempted to do pleasurable but destructive things. This role model was not provided by my parents and it is time for me to provide such a value system for myself.

My goal to reach a similar level of consciousness as Agent Dale Cooper exemplifies inspires such a passion within me that I cried as I set the goal, I cried with relief to have this goal, to have a value system to guide me. This brings me to the next point…

STEP TWO: If you’re going to quit an addiction, you’ve got to work out how the addiction was benefiting you, and then find a clean way to replace those benefits! I’m going to get massages for relaxation, go on speed-dating events to ensure I’m still getting out there and meeting girls, commit time to charity to spend time doing something fulfilling, start making a new group of alcohol/drug free friends, learn to connect with people in a fun way without alcohol and frankly… I’ve realised that to live life on a whole new level of consciousness, where I’m completely not interested in doing drugs I’m going to have to reconsider my entire value system, how fulfilling my work is, and the entire way that I’m leading my life.

This is not simply changing a bad behaviour, its looking into an entirely new and inspiring way of living my life. It’s accepting more fulfilling ways of spending my time. It’s adopting an uncompromising level of integrity so that I won’t even consider doing drugs. It’s setting a goal that inspires me so much, that I’m still going to be committed to it in 5 years time, still remembering the day that I set it and how far I’ve come since I decided to focus upon attaining it.

If you want to visit the full article for his summary and introduction, then you can do so here: A New Look at Drug and Alcohol Addiction.

I hope this helped you guys a lot and I will be back next week with some more motivational and inspiring posts! Have a great weekend!

peace out ^_^


Today I want to talk about superficiality.

This is something that a lot of people would struggle with, primarily if they are confused about their self image or have low self esteem, often it is caused by being hurt by someone or not having the life you want. Dr Phil discusses this idea in his book, "Self Matters" and addresses the idea of using objects such as 'clothing' or 'cars' as a means of identifying ourselves.

The idea behind this concept is that we attempt to display ourselves through objects that convey what we want to be seen as, such as Ferrari cars - which may convey the idea that we are wealthy or only choose the best. These often turn into obsessions as they become who we are.

There is currently a thread on Steve Pavlina's Forums which you can read discussing the topic of superficiality.

Superficiality Thread Link

Hope you had a good weekend

peace out ^_^

Public Speaking - Summary (Part 3/3)

Today is the final day in the mini-series and I want to talk about the whole notion of delivering a speech and the anxiety that comes with it. As I have said before, it's not an easy thing for most people to deliver a speech to both a small or large crowd, but I think it's the fear and the way we handle our anxiety that help us deliver a successful speech. As you know by reading part 2, I had to deliver a speech to a group just the other day and while I was quite nervous, once I got up on stage and actually began talking - I realized that I was in total control, the anxiety and stress and fear that was building up each second that was closer to my going up on stage was no longer bugging me.

Looking back, I actually think the hardest part was walking up onto the stage, the rest of it just sort of fell into place. You can't completely erase your fears from the equation when giving a speech, there is always some form of stress or fear going on inside but it's how you manage it and being able to turn your fear into your ally is a definite advantage in giving a successful delivery.

I just wanted to thank you for reading all three parts of the series and feel free to leave any comments.

Part 3/3 - Public Speaking Mini-Series

Written by Christopher Newman

Public Speaking - The Personal Experience (Part 2/3)

Okay... so were up to part 2 of the 3 part series. Today I am going to share my experience with public speaking which involved giving a speech to my lecturer and fellow peers... Now if your someone like me, the slight mention of speech is unsettling - have a read and see what happened and how I went.

Sitting in the lecture theater, I was the first of the day, actually second. I sat there listening to a fellow peer talk and all the while someone had a clock counting down the time until this person finished their speech - which really didn't help with my nerves. So realizing I wasn't going to get out of it, I decided I would try to have fun with it. There was no way I could avoid it - I had to do it at some point and as I stood up and moved to the lectern it happened...

No I didn't feint! When I got up there I neatened myself up, compiled myself (taking a series of deep breaths) and opened my mouth to speak. Surprisingly I began talking, the nerves that also kept me glued to my chair were gone - I even smiled during my speech. Realizing half way through that I was totally in control, I became more and more confident and eventually stopped thinking about nerves, stuffing up or anything except delivering my speech and not going over time.

At one point, I felt my face slightly go red but I shrugged it off, concentrating on my speech and honestly, it disappeared without anyone even caring, not even myself. As far as I could see, the audience wasn't asleep and they weren't in their underwear either (since I chose not to bask in that common nerve reducing tactic)... As I finished my final line, I felt as if this huge weight had been lifted off me and suddenly I realized - What the hell was I so afraid about? The people in your audience aren't going to sit there thinking - Oh God I hope he/she screws up horribly! No, they are their to hear you talk and I certainly accomplished something I didn't think I would be able to do very easily.

The biggest problem with giving a speech is fear, we don't know what to expect when we get up there but honestly it's half the fun. Learning to become more confident with speaking in public will come in time but for now, I have survived and I think I got a good grade too. Tomorrow I will bring out part 3 of the series with a small reflection on fear/nerves and a little summary.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments box and I will answer them as best as I can.

Part 2/3 - Public Speaking Mini-Series

Written by Christopher Newman

Public Speaking - Tips and Tricks! (Part 1/3)

Public speaking is something we can't avoid... Whether it happens at school, uni, in your workplace or at your daughter's wedding, your going to have to speak to an audience at one point. If your a shy person, this will be infinitely more difficult to do than someone who is extremely confident. These tips and tricks can help you to catch and control those butterflies and deliver a great speech!

Plan, Plan, Plan, Plan
The old saying is still true - fail to plan then plan to fail... The key to delivering a successful speech is to know your material, write about what interests you and speak about something you are passionate about - for some it's much easier to talk about cars then finance. Always plan out what is appropriate for your audience, if it's something with a lot of data or numbers - then it may be more appropriate to include a variety of print outs whereas a meeting about cars could have a slide show on a projector with a variety of cars you will talk about. Sometimes you don't get to choose what you get to talk about and so you just have to find your own personal way to discuss the topic that has a personal touch, something that makes it unique.

Learn Your Material
You will find it amazingly easier to deliver a speech that you know what your talking about and that you have rehearsed, rather then one that you finished writing and printing the night before. Preparation is essentially the key to doing well in a speech and you will find that over preparing will never hurt.

The Delivery
Okay, so your standing in front of a crowd and it doesn't matter how big that crowd is, you may be feeling like your heart is beating at 150 miles an hour. Everything is moving so fast, and you hear your name called to start your speech. You feel queasy inside and as you open your mouth to say a word, you feel no moisture - just a dry mouth. This is what you will feel like most likely and don't worry, there are many other people who feel the exact same way when delivering a speech. This is how you may feel at the beginning but when you finish speaking you will feel completely different if you manage to keep the audience interested and maintain in control of yourself.

Do's and Do Not's

Do: Relax
Before you start, take a deep breath and just build yourself up. My favorite quote to say when I am in that position is to say, 'I can achieve whatever I believe'. Keep taking deep breaths whenever you need to, your audience will be thankful that you are pacing every now and then - it also gives them a chance to soak in the information. If you have the option, you can take a sip of water every now and then as a breather break.

Don't: Apologize for a Mistake

Don't apologize for a mistake. People most likely didn't notice it and stopping and saying, 'I'm sorry - that wasn't meant to be there' is more likely going to do more harm then good. Just continue on like you didn't even notice you made a mistake, it's the same concept when performing in a dance competition or a music recital - don't stop if you mess up - just continue and show you have the ability to adapt to any situation.

Do: Enthusiasm

Nobody likes a speech without enthusiasm and you will often find it may be difficult to speak up and project your voice but it will involve your audience and be worth it in the end.

Don't: Worry about Blushing/Embarrassment
Everyone hates speaking in a crowd (well mostly everyone - including me) and naturally some people will blush or get 'red faced'. The more you worry about it, the more people will take notice to it. If you focus your energy on engaging your listeners and forget about the blushing then it will fade as soon as it arrived and less people will care about it because you obviously don't seem to.

The Aftermath
You did it! You finished your speech and guess what? Your still alive and I am sure you even got a hand of applause when you finished. Feels good doesn't it? Well, you put in the hard work and survived - take a deep breath and acknowledge any complements with a quick thanks.

Quick Note: I have heard a tactic to try imagining the audience in their underwear. Personally I find this to be a crappy tactic because it doesn't help me focus (it makes me laugh or see the audience in a weird perspective) and ultimately degrades the presentation. If it works for you, then go right ahead but it doesn't help as much as the above tips and tricks.

Okay! :) That's it for part 1 in the series, in a couple days you will see my experience and testimonial about my own public speech I have to deliver and you can see what I went through. Right now, I am a little nervous but I should be okay. If I don't write about it, presume I died of fear. >.>

Part 1/3 - Public Speaking Mini-Series

Written by Christopher Newman

Overcoming an Addiction!

Hi everyone,

I have been insanely busy these past few days so hopefully this makes up for my absence :P While browsing the forums over the past couple days, I ran into a man who calls himself 'SmartAss'. After several years of smoking, he has decided to go cold turkey and quit. Now beating an addiction can be the hardest thing someone may ever have to go through but so far, he is doing extremely well.

His post: 30 days of not smoking is his blogged journal where he posts about any temptations and updates us with each day that he remains smoke free. It also gives people a chance to share their ideas and opinions as well as any helpful tips. What is the best about this idea though, is other people wishing to get off smoking and back on track with life can draw the support from this thread just as easily too.

Struggling with an addiction can have a major impact on your self esteem and usually your self esteem can be the reason your struggling with an addiction, possibly the cause... If you want to follow SmartAss' progress on the forums and possibly offer some support, you can visit it via the link below.

30 Days of not smoking

The way to beat an addiction is with support from family, friends and even people on forums as you can see from this case. Even seeing a counsellor can help with any depression issues you may suffer as a result of going 'cold turkey' from something that has controlled your life for so long.

While your head might crave it! Think with your heart :)

peace out

How is your journey going?

Hi everyone!

Today I have a question for you. How are you doing in your self esteem journey? My good friend Karl has developed a simple test and it takes only a couple minutes to complete but it should help give you a sense of what you need to focus on in regards to your 'personal' self esteem journey.

The way the test works is you simply answer the questions on a piece of paper, then look at the bottom to get your score. You can then review your answers and see what you can improve on.

Of course this isn't an actual '100%' indication of what you need to do but it does help give you an idea of where you are at in your journey. You can access the test via Karl's website below. I have also attached it as an important link in the sidebar so you can access it whenever you need to.

Karl Perera's Self Esteem Test

The scoring system is below also:

TEST SCORE: Total number of TRUE answers you gave, EACH ONE POINT:

15-16 Points - You have a high level of self esteem!

12-14 Points - Not bad but room for you to improve

8-11 Points - Low self esteem is holding you back

Below 8 Points - Your esteem is drastically low!

peace out

Overcoming Procrastination

Earlier this week I came across this article from a good friend of mine, Karl Perera. It's all about procrastination and its affect on your self esteem. Take a look:

Procrastination and Self Esteem

I'm sure I don't have to tell you that the two are connected and a lack of action and can make you feel that your life is going nowhere. This feeling leads to a lack of hope and a general negative overview of life. This is very damaging to your self esteem

The the reason why procrastination damages in your self-esteem is the fact that you will know inside that you need to take action today there are things that you need to do and for some reason you are not doing them. You may feel safer by not taking action but ultimately your self esteem will suffer.

Of course everybody suffers from procrastination. However, there is no doubt that depression makes it much worse if so you should be especially wary if you are depressed. Improving your self esteem will not only help you confront challenges and overcome procrastination you will also stop you feeling depressed.

I hope I've managed to answer the first question and showing you that procrastination and self esteem our linked. This is positive because this means that by taking action you can quickly improve your self esteem. However, in order to take action you need to confront any risk and you need to be confident sunita do whatever you can to feel good before you take action. Self-esteem will help you in this regard because if it will give you a more positive outlook and will make you feel more hopeful that taking action will be successful.

To read the rest of the article and some helpful hints, click the link below.


Have a safe weekend everyone!

peace out

6 Self Esteem Quotes - To Motivate and Inspire You

Hey guys, this week is a list of my favourite quotes that you can use to help motivate you in your journey towards improving your life!

*You can stick these on your fridge, wall or even your cat if you feel like it*

1. “Love yourself, for if you don't, how can you expect anybody else to love you?” - Unknown

2. “You must love yourself before you love another. By accepting yourself and fully being what you are, your simple presence can make others happy.” - Unknown

3. “Believe in your dreams and they may come true; believe in yourself and they will come true.” - Unknown

4. “I CAN is 100 times more important than IQ.” - Unknown

5. “Why compare yourself with others? No one in the entire world can do a better job of being you than you.” - Unknown

6. “Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.” - Benjamin Spock

Note: Quotes have various authors and can be found on ThinkExist Quote Directory (ThinkExist Quote Directory

That's all the quotes for now, if you like them then I might find a couple more during the week. Hope they inspire you!

peace out


Friends are the key to having a great life, we can share whats going on with them, laugh with them and cry with them. Here is a great poem I found about friends :)


As we walk our path of life,
We meet people everyday.
Most are simply met by chance.
But, some are sent our way.

These become special friends
Whose bond we can't explain;
The ones who understand us
And share our joy and pain.

Their love contains no boundaries.
So, even we are apart.
Their presence enhances us
With a warmth felt in the heart.

This love becomes a passageway,
When even the miles disappear.
And so, these friends, God sends our way,
Remain forever near.

The number 1 mistake when facing fear

A good mate of mine, Plato on the Steve Pavlina forums released this post the other day regarding the common mistakes people encounter when facing fear. It's great advice and well worth a read :)

You can face your fears in a way that boosts your self esteem and is a wonderful growth experience. Or you can do it in a way that leaves you feeling drained, weak and utterly lost.

Merciless suffering without end. Or joyful self expression. The distinction I want to share has changed my life from horrible to wonderful... RAPIDLY.

If your actions come from a place of desperation, neediness and searching for a sense of self, you will suffer. You will not find what you are looking for. You may gradually dampen your fear of a particular thing, but you won't develop true courage.

The prize at the end of the rainbow is to be secure in insecurity. A knowledge that no matter what happens, it will be OK.

You can never have that until you learn to center yourself.

Freedom is the ability to remain centered in any situation.

What do I mean by "Centered?"

It is the sense of being complete. It's that place inside where you love yourself. It is a state of presence. It is a state of acceptance. Most importantly it is your core sense of self, and self esteem.

The best way to be centered is to honour your highest value. I actually draw strength from two values: unconditional love and my own authority. That is to say I make my own rules. I center myself and in so doing I know myself on the deepest level possible. There's no sense of searching for something. I am complete already.

The goal here is to radiate energy and allow actions to flow from your Reverence for all that is beautiful. It all comes from honouring the principle of unconditional love. Stop searching for answers, and start embodying your highest value. Know that you are complete, because that is the Truth! It isn't a lie. It is the recognition of reality. Then you will have the strength to face anything.


Good advice huh? Like Plato says, its all about your mindset! Positive and forward thinking with a determined heart is always a good way to ensure success!

You can view the discussion at the forums: #1 Mistake When Facing Fear Discussion Thread

It's all about your attitude

Here is an interesting post I found on a Self Development Forum that I have been actively involved in lately. As the title says, it's all about your attitude!

Take a look...

So if

is equal to

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26


Hard Work
8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 = 98%

11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 = 96%

12+15+22+5 = 54%

12+21+3+11 = 47%

most of us think this is the most important Huh )

Then what makes 100% ?

Is it Money ? .. NO ! ! !
13+15+14+5+25 = 72%

Leadership ? .... NO ! ! !
12+5+1+4+5+18+19+9+16 = 89%

Every problem has a solution, only if we perhaps change our attitude.

To go to the top,
to that 100% ,

what we really need to go further... a bit more...

1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100%

It is OUR ATTITUDE towards Life and Work that makes OUR Life 100% ! ! !

Cool huh? I'll be back again in the next few days with some more helpful tips :)

peace out

Equip Yourself With The Right Mentality

Okay, so today I want to explore the idea of people's mentality when approaching their own self esteem issues or any issues for that matter. A lot of people that ask for me help are always approaching their issues with a negative thinking process. People go into situations or approach their issues thinking - I can't | I won't make it | I will fail when they really need to explore the idea of thinking positively and aiming to succeed.

I am currently trying to explain to as many people as possible that they need to shift their 'state of mind' to a positive viewing angle so that they can approach the issues they are dealing with in a mentality that they can break through, they will succeed and that they are able to do it. Regardless of what issue you are facing, always try to think about it positively!

peace out ^_^

Update: People and their Opinions

Okay guys, just a quick update to how the discussion in the previous post is going. The thread has had many open discussions on the nature of opinions and their effects on our self esteem and I am so happy to be engaged and actively learning all the different views people have of this area.

Self development is something that I find very intriguing and I think this is probably one of my favorite new posts in the thread since I last posted.

Another very proper advice; don’t worry about what people say of you but rather be concerned about what think regarding yourself for it will conclude how you act. Other peoples opinion always affect the way we perceive our selves if we take them in and believe them as the gospel truth about us. On matters of fashion, beauty, wealth, etc, people are always very judgmental which a times are caused by jealousy or fear, so don’t listen to them and step out the beautiful person that you are not what they either say or think you are.

Discussion Thread - People Stare At Me When I Dress Well

Keep being you and until next time, enjoy life!

peace out ^_^

People and their opinions

While I was on Steve Pavlina's forums earlier this week, a young lady was asking about people's opinions of her because of the way she dressed.

I responded with the following:

I think that people these days are too judgmental. People look at others in different ways, people then take this in a different manner as well. I know someone who had a self esteem problem and he would take people looking at him as if something was wrong with him or he hadn't done something properly. I wouldn't worry about what other people think and you can't control what other people think. As long as you think your a good person and you appreciate yourself and your body, then you have nothing to worry about.

If you want to see the full discussion, here is a link.

Forum Link

I want to leave you all with a thought mentioned by someone called SimonaRich.

If you care about what people think it means you are seeking their approval, otherwise you would not look outside to see how good you look. If you are happy with the way you look, that should be the only thing that concerns you.

Here is an image that sums up nicely...

Personalities and Relationships

Hi everyone!

Today's posts is all about being yourself!

A lady asked me earlier this week about some advice for a relationship question she had. She explained how she thought her personality wasn't the type men would be interested in 'actively pursuing' a relationship with her for. She asked if she should change her personality, to a more aggressive type so that she would meet more men and catch their attention more.

Do you know what my response to her was???

NEVER EVER EVER change who you are inside for someone else, 9 times out of 10 you will be uncomfortable and the relationship wont work because your trying to be something or someone your not. Keep being your smiley old self and one day you will meet the right man (or woman). The moral of the story here kids is that we should never be forced or want to change who we are as a person, what makes us 'us' just to be in a relationship or look more 'attractive' or 'available'.

peace out ^_^

- Chris Newman

Self Esteem Secrets Ebook

Today I found this e-book on a website called More Self esteem, which is run by Karl Perera.

Karl has run the site for more then 10 years now and has developed a labyrinth of articles, newsletters and videos to encourage, support and empower people struggling with self esteem and self confidence issues. Karl is also the author of a self help and prosperity blog, in which he shows viewers ways to earn an income on the internet and how to deal with various self help / self development issues.

As of late, Karl has released his brand new e-book, 'Self Esteem Secrets'. This powerful book is stuffed with tones of helpful information, advice, exercises and quotes to motivate, empower and assist you to overcome any issues and struggles you are currently facing.

Karl has kindly uploaded a chapter of his book and some information about his book for people to look at before deciding whether to buy. You can find these at his website, and I have attached links to his information page and sneak peak page as well.

Self Esteem Secrets Information

Sneak Peak = Chapter Information

Free First Chapter

I have read the e-book and it offers lots of helpful information, and if it doesn't suit your expectations... Karl has a modest refund policy too.

To grab your copy of Self Esteem Secrets today, Click Here!

On another note, a great way to further your personal development is to get a secondary education. Phoenix College offers online programs for a variety of disciplines.

Self Help and Development Blog - First Post :D

Hi everyone and welcome to my self help and development blog.

In this blog you will find helpful information about products that I recommend as well as products that I have worked on and developed to help people with self-esteem issues, confidence issues, shyness issues and much more.

I hope that the information I can provide will be relevant and inspiring, that it will help you make a change in your life.

Warm Regards,

Chris Newman



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