People and their opinions

While I was on Steve Pavlina's forums earlier this week, a young lady was asking about people's opinions of her because of the way she dressed.

I responded with the following:

I think that people these days are too judgmental. People look at others in different ways, people then take this in a different manner as well. I know someone who had a self esteem problem and he would take people looking at him as if something was wrong with him or he hadn't done something properly. I wouldn't worry about what other people think and you can't control what other people think. As long as you think your a good person and you appreciate yourself and your body, then you have nothing to worry about.

If you want to see the full discussion, here is a link.

Forum Link

I want to leave you all with a thought mentioned by someone called SimonaRich.

If you care about what people think it means you are seeking their approval, otherwise you would not look outside to see how good you look. If you are happy with the way you look, that should be the only thing that concerns you.

Here is an image that sums up nicely...


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