The number 1 mistake when facing fear

A good mate of mine, Plato on the Steve Pavlina forums released this post the other day regarding the common mistakes people encounter when facing fear. It's great advice and well worth a read :)

You can face your fears in a way that boosts your self esteem and is a wonderful growth experience. Or you can do it in a way that leaves you feeling drained, weak and utterly lost.

Merciless suffering without end. Or joyful self expression. The distinction I want to share has changed my life from horrible to wonderful... RAPIDLY.

If your actions come from a place of desperation, neediness and searching for a sense of self, you will suffer. You will not find what you are looking for. You may gradually dampen your fear of a particular thing, but you won't develop true courage.

The prize at the end of the rainbow is to be secure in insecurity. A knowledge that no matter what happens, it will be OK.

You can never have that until you learn to center yourself.

Freedom is the ability to remain centered in any situation.

What do I mean by "Centered?"

It is the sense of being complete. It's that place inside where you love yourself. It is a state of presence. It is a state of acceptance. Most importantly it is your core sense of self, and self esteem.

The best way to be centered is to honour your highest value. I actually draw strength from two values: unconditional love and my own authority. That is to say I make my own rules. I center myself and in so doing I know myself on the deepest level possible. There's no sense of searching for something. I am complete already.

The goal here is to radiate energy and allow actions to flow from your Reverence for all that is beautiful. It all comes from honouring the principle of unconditional love. Stop searching for answers, and start embodying your highest value. Know that you are complete, because that is the Truth! It isn't a lie. It is the recognition of reality. Then you will have the strength to face anything.


Good advice huh? Like Plato says, its all about your mindset! Positive and forward thinking with a determined heart is always a good way to ensure success!

You can view the discussion at the forums: #1 Mistake When Facing Fear Discussion Thread


Anonymous May 16, 2009 at 6:58 AM  

The Best way to be centered is to know and understand who you are. You have to have knowledge of "self" before you can move forward. Read The Power of SElf Separation and you will start the process.
Have a good day

Christopher Newman May 16, 2009 at 12:12 PM  

mhmmm good tip :)

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