A New Look at Drug and Alcohol Addiction

I thought it would be another good idea to post something about addiction as lately I have found most of the traffic coming from searches relating to addiction quotes or help with addiction. As you all know, I surf around on Steve Pavlina's Forums quite a bit and happened to find this article by andersonx. He wrote this and posted it so all credit goes to him, however it was such a great article I thought I would share it with all of you.

Following are extracts, click the link at the bottom of the page to see the full report.

STEP ONE: For years I’ve been goal-setting to become “addiction free”. Are you going to be really fired up and excited about becoming “addiction free”? Is it really going to inspire you to become “addiction free”? No way. However I redefined my goal as achieving a “new level of consciousness and inspired clean-living”.

Instead of this being the behaviour level change you might apply to a habit such as biting your finger nails or being untidy, this is going to be really inspiring, identity-level change. I was so inspired by Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks that I’ve often cried while watching the episodes of the series. He inspired me because the character is one of such deep integrity and self-respect, that you cannot ever imagine he would even consider polluting his body with drugs for pleasure. I realised how deeply I have wanted a set uncompromising values and integrity as part of who I am. I realised how deeply I wanted to be like the clean and moral man that he exemplifies, a man who would not be tempted to do pleasurable but destructive things. This role model was not provided by my parents and it is time for me to provide such a value system for myself.

My goal to reach a similar level of consciousness as Agent Dale Cooper exemplifies inspires such a passion within me that I cried as I set the goal, I cried with relief to have this goal, to have a value system to guide me. This brings me to the next point…

STEP TWO: If you’re going to quit an addiction, you’ve got to work out how the addiction was benefiting you, and then find a clean way to replace those benefits! I’m going to get massages for relaxation, go on speed-dating events to ensure I’m still getting out there and meeting girls, commit time to charity to spend time doing something fulfilling, start making a new group of alcohol/drug free friends, learn to connect with people in a fun way without alcohol and frankly… I’ve realised that to live life on a whole new level of consciousness, where I’m completely not interested in doing drugs I’m going to have to reconsider my entire value system, how fulfilling my work is, and the entire way that I’m leading my life.

This is not simply changing a bad behaviour, its looking into an entirely new and inspiring way of living my life. It’s accepting more fulfilling ways of spending my time. It’s adopting an uncompromising level of integrity so that I won’t even consider doing drugs. It’s setting a goal that inspires me so much, that I’m still going to be committed to it in 5 years time, still remembering the day that I set it and how far I’ve come since I decided to focus upon attaining it.

If you want to visit the full article for his summary and introduction, then you can do so here: A New Look at Drug and Alcohol Addiction.

I hope this helped you guys a lot and I will be back next week with some more motivational and inspiring posts! Have a great weekend!

peace out ^_^


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