Overcoming an Addiction!

Hi everyone,

I have been insanely busy these past few days so hopefully this makes up for my absence :P While browsing the forums over the past couple days, I ran into a man who calls himself 'SmartAss'. After several years of smoking, he has decided to go cold turkey and quit. Now beating an addiction can be the hardest thing someone may ever have to go through but so far, he is doing extremely well.

His post: 30 days of not smoking is his blogged journal where he posts about any temptations and updates us with each day that he remains smoke free. It also gives people a chance to share their ideas and opinions as well as any helpful tips. What is the best about this idea though, is other people wishing to get off smoking and back on track with life can draw the support from this thread just as easily too.

Struggling with an addiction can have a major impact on your self esteem and usually your self esteem can be the reason your struggling with an addiction, possibly the cause... If you want to follow SmartAss' progress on the forums and possibly offer some support, you can visit it via the link below.

30 Days of not smoking

The way to beat an addiction is with support from family, friends and even people on forums as you can see from this case. Even seeing a counsellor can help with any depression issues you may suffer as a result of going 'cold turkey' from something that has controlled your life for so long.

While your head might crave it! Think with your heart :)

peace out


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