Today I want to talk about superficiality.

This is something that a lot of people would struggle with, primarily if they are confused about their self image or have low self esteem, often it is caused by being hurt by someone or not having the life you want. Dr Phil discusses this idea in his book, "Self Matters" and addresses the idea of using objects such as 'clothing' or 'cars' as a means of identifying ourselves.

The idea behind this concept is that we attempt to display ourselves through objects that convey what we want to be seen as, such as Ferrari cars - which may convey the idea that we are wealthy or only choose the best. These often turn into obsessions as they become who we are.

There is currently a thread on Steve Pavlina's Forums which you can read discussing the topic of superficiality.

Superficiality Thread Link

Hope you had a good weekend

peace out ^_^


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