Judgment - An Unfortunate Act

We all pass judgment too quickly these days, and unfortunately it can land us in a whole world of trouble. Driving in your car to work, you see a person on a motorbike going too fast and you think, 'What an idiot!' For all we know, his wife is giving birth and he isn't there too see it. The problem with judgment is often people make these 'judgments' about others and don't keep an open mind for the person to prove them otherwise.

For instance, one example of 'judging a book by its cover' was when Susan Boyle, a contestant on Britain's Got Talent 2009 broke through the judgments made against her and showed everyone what talent she really had. When she appeared on stage, the judges snickered and made jokes against her and then she opened her mouth and sang... Not one of those judges for a second could believe their eyes and ears, this lady that didn't look like anything special has this amazing voice. What is even better is that they probably felt guilty as hell for being so rude and demoralizing.

Now not every case is like Susan Boyle's and by pushing through you may not land yourself a record deal like she did but showing people that you are more then what meets the eye is a prize in itself and not letting the judgments made by people affect you is probably the most essential step. Remember, a judgment is only an opinion and an opinion is only a theory. A theory isn't a fact and it's your job to prove that theory false.


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