Self-Motivation Journey - Outline

Part of loving life and feeling good about yourself; is taking care of yourself. Lately, my hectic schedule has left me feeling quite sick and tired and so it has inspired me to go and do a 30 day self-motivation / cleanup journey. If you like you can follow along with me and motivate yourself to get back into the proper lifestyle.

Firstly, let me outline... I am neither overweight nor underweight, I eat probably more carbohydrates and snack-meals then I should because my study and lifestyle is so crazy and always changing I barely have a minute to sit down and think.

My daily routine will be as follows:

1. Wake up at 5:30am
You will probably be thinking, 5:30am!!! That is before the sun rises and yes for some people it may be, and getting out of bed is just one important step to getting back on track with your lifestyle and health.

2. Eat a proper breakfast (cereal / toast)
Because this isn't a weight loss or strict health guide, I don't care what type of cereal you eat or what you put on your toast but I will be eating a cereal that contains fruit, oats and bran (more tasty then it sounds) and the toast will have jam and butter on it.

3. A glass of lemon water
It has been found that drinking a glass of lukewarm / room temperature water with an added twist of lemon can cleanse your body of toxins, cut down fat, boost your vitamin C levels and strengthen the immune system.

4. Plan out my daily schedule
If I can plan out what I must do to accomplish my daily routine in advance, that way I don't have to be pedantic and stress out during the day and being relaxed is just one way I wont be as tired and burnt out at the end of the day.

This 30 day journey is just one way that I can improve my lifestyle, my health and motivate myself to continue developing who I am each and every day. You may be wondering what could possibly relate both improving health and our self development, but as outlined before, being healthy and confident in ourselves and our bodies is an essential part of our self esteem and the development of ourselves.

I will be updating you regularly as I go and posting other material as well

peace out :)


Everything Counts July 18, 2009 at 7:44 PM  

Very inspirational and thought provoking.I really appreciate and agree with the thought.Thanks for sharing.

Christopher Newman July 19, 2009 at 8:13 AM  

Hi Everything Counts:

Thanks :) I appreciate your kind words, keeps me motivated to continue writing articles.

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