In lieu of next weeks release of my product, this post wont be massive but will still be relevant to the topics we discuss usually.

"Blushing, whether is happens suddenly for no reason or because you slipped on a banana peel and went flying across the hall and smashed into another person, knocking them over and spilling your coffee all over yourself is still annoying and often, a little frustrating. Not everyone blushes only when they are embarrassed, I know people who blush when they hear their name. When I ask them what it is that makes them do that, they say that they don't know why. They aren't embarrassed, it just became this thing that happens.

Of course people who talk about fixing it say some good things and bad things. Some of the methods out now are good but I think there are other ways to tackle the issue. Other simply say, 'Man up and get over it!' However like every thing in self development, it's not always as easy as just getting over the issue. We have to tackle it and understand what makes it such an issue, then target it at the core and make sure we can find a way to defeat it or suppress it. Running away from the issue is not a good idea because sooner or later in life it will come back and you wont know how to deal with it because you have been running away from it or it will wreck something like your decision to apply for a job because you think it might cause you to blush when you enter the building.

I think spending time where that fear is, say talking to girls is hard at the beginning and sure, you may be uncomfortable and blush a fair bit but you start to become comfortable and feel confident when you do something enough times. My first job in high school was working at McDonald's. I felt slightly awkward and embarrassed about working there but after a couple shifts, I got used to it and I became more confident and to be honest, my work efficiency increased and I started to really enjoy working there.

So if you find blushing is being a problem, take a deep breath. Try to figure out what it is that is causing that blushing, if it's just it randomly comes up when people say your name then maybe ask a friend or a family member about it and get them to say your name until you get used to it a little. I wish you all the best of luck :)

Little note, after the weekend passes I will be bringing out the first two episodes of my product and I will be posting links where everyone can have a look and buy. :)

Have a safe and happy weekend!


Anonymous August 22, 2009 at 7:11 AM  

Hi Chris,

It makes me happy to see the progress you are making. Often times it takes alot of persistence to get to where you want to be. Never stop persuing your dreams, and you will always be worthy.


Christopher Newman August 22, 2009 at 9:07 AM  

:O Hi Smart,

I haven't seen you in ages, glad that you are still checking up and thankyou for your kind words. It is not as many people visiting as I would like but those that do, if it helps just one then its all worth it.

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