Changes in life!

Hi there, if your new to the site then you probably wont see the double meaning in this article however if you are a recurring visitor then you might. The point here is that today the site got a complete overhaul with new backgrounds, images, social networking communities, contact information and much more however like always there is something to do with self improvement and self development that we can draw from this idea of a fresh look to the site. The whole idea of changes has got me excited about the blog more then ever because its not the same old same old post monday then post on thursday. When I look at the site now it is this beautifully laid out, busy looking masterpiece and life can be like this too. You see, as things get into a routine we become less innovative and put less effort into them.

The first time you went to work, your tie was done perfectly, you were five minutes early and your shoes were brand spanking new however four years after working there, you forget your tie, occasionally late and goodness knows the conditions of your shoes. However if we make the small effort to change and mix life up a little it can keep us motivated and excited about life and the issues we tackle in life. So my challenge too you is to make a change in something you do, something that will make you want to get up in the morning, maybe a jog around the block listening too your favorite music, stopping and picking up a newspaper and getting to know people at the shop. You may find that these become routine but then the conversations and people you talk to will keep things fresh.

Either way, there are steps we can take to keep life fresh and exciting and your might be right under the tip of your nose! So this week, have a look through the blog and revisit your favorite posts, join the communities and follow us on Twitter because its the same old blog, with a brand new look!


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