Each and every day we have to make choices regarding family, friends, work and life. There are the basic choices we make such as, "What should I have for dinner tonight?" and there are more complex choices people may have to make. Regardless, a choice is having one or more consequence that an event or decision may lead to. People that speed through a red light made a choice to disobey the law and might cause an accident, that is a choice they made. Making the right choice isn't always easy, there are many options sometimes and we can't always have all of them making choosing difficult in some cases.

To help illustrate this a little, I want you to think of a cake. A cake is both delicious and the result of choices. The first choice is, should I make a cake? The second is deciding what type of cake. Butterscotch or Black Forest cake? Then the ingredients are all the results of the decision on the type of cake. The final result is the cake and eating it is another choice. Sometimes we know the choices we may have to face in any given day such as if we planned to do the grocery shopping on Tuesday and sometimes they come as a result of being unprepared or thinking illogically.

The strange thing is one choice can change our lives forever, that one decision to speed through that red light could be our death. However before we make decisions, we need to stop and consider who else they are effecting... Too often we choose something based on our own desires but we don't stop to consider the ripple effect it may have on people. We may like a chocolate cake but everyone else wants vanilla, so what do we do? Do we bake the chocolate or vanilla cake? If I can pass on one thing it would be to make sure when you make a decision, you consider the effect it will have one someone you know or love.


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