Why you need sleep

After a good weeks work all I want to do when I get home is sit and relax in front of the television. Sometimes I sit and watch television until almost 2am and while the next day I feel fine, the combination of this with work and the stress of life today can have some adverse effects on your body.

While searching the web I found some information about sleep loss and what it does to your body. Rob Stein from the Washington Post writes, "Beyond leaving people bleary-eyed, clutching a Starbucks cup and dozing off at afternoon meetings, failing to get enough sleep or sleeping at odd hours heightens the risk for a variety of major illnesses, including cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity, recent studies indicate." (Article Link)

This is quite alarming as not having enough sleep can prove to pose serious health risks. I decided to test this out by sleeping a total of six hours in a seventy four period while playing computer games and I can personally say that by the end of the seventy four hours, I almost collapsed out of exhaustion. I was starting to feel dizzy and sick so I slept for around sixteen hours that following day and never again while I ever do it again on purpose.

Make sure you take the time to get a good eight hours a night and treat your body well. Part of developing yourself and being the best you can be is to keep yourself healthy and get some good sleep.

Positive outlook on life

Have you ever walked outside and thought, "it's a perfect day!". The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and it's not too hot! A day is only as good as you make it and often it starts with getting out of bed. Have you ever gotten out of bed, feeling grumpy and upset then walked outside in that same mood? You don't realize the beauty that is right in front of you! In life the more we don't look at things in a positive aspect, the worse they will seem.

Looking at a baby always seems to make me smile and appreciate life, but it takes more then just the baby for me to appreciate life. It is all that goes on surrounding the baby including the joy of new life, how cute and happy that baby is. So as you wake up and look outside, look, smell and do so in a positive attitude that will help you make the most of your day!

New site features!

Recently the website has had plenty of updates and new features including the most recent upgrades a free newsletter and resource center. While these were ways for people to keep in contact with the site and for users to find the site in general, they have become invaluable ways of keeping the site organized and filled with content.

We have seen recently the start of the questions and answers forms which have been fixed and re-created as they had some errors before so feel free to use those services for free. We are also looking for people to sign-up for the free newsletter for free products and reviews/updates.

I have been extremely busy fixing up the site and with life so this will be taking place of Mondays post but we will return on Thursday to our normal posts full of content that will help you enrich and empower yourselves to live life at its best!

I hope you have a safe and happy weekend and make sure you sign up for the newsletter and visit the store for some great priced products!


Chris Newman | Author

Tips for public speaking

It has been a while since I touched on public speaking and I have to present another speech tomorrow in front of a small audience talking about autism and the various behavioral and emotional effects that occur in the autistic person and in their family and friends. Because it is such an emotional subject for some people, I need to be able to deliver the speech just right. Because this is not my usual subject of discussion with people, I have been freaking out a little bit the past few days but this morning when I woke up and decided to go over the speech one last time, I had nothing but excitement that I would be able to deliver a speech and talk about such an interesting and intricate subject such as autism.

I have some more tips for you all to take on board if you have to speak in public. I define public speaking as 'speaking to one or more people in a public arena'. Basically, if you are talking to 2 people in a park then you are speaking publicly. Most people see public speaking as this humongous wall of death that they hate. My first tip for today is...

Tip #1 - Don't set yourself up for too much
By this I mean, don't set yourself a mindset that public speaking is this horrible task that is hard and embarrassing. Because when you get up to talk, the only thing going through your mind is this is going to be so hard and embarrassing. Instead you need to build yourself up, which is my next point.

Tip #2 - Build yourself up!
Before I go into a speaking situation, I often think to myself. 'This is totally yours, your going to destroy this!' Obviously, in the younger generation, 'your going to destroy this' means you will succeed at this with no problems. Reassuring yourself that everything will be okay will result in little issues or problems that may occur during the speech.

Tip #3 - Know how to recover
If a joke doesn't get the response you wanted or you muddle your up words, I mean muddle up your words then don't stop and wait for people to respond. Move on and ignore it, people are less likely to think about something if you don't.

Those have been my top 3 latest public speaking tips! Wish me luck for tomorrow.

Give it a shot!

If your ever in that place of your life where your not sure whether you want to give something a go or not, then today's post is just for you! Whether your scenario is a relationship, a job interview or rock climbing, you still need to make the decision to give it a shot or not. The first question you should ask yourself when considering the factors is, "What impact will this have on me?" and the second question is, "What if in 10 years or even 50 years I look back and I didn't do it? Will I regret it?" For something so simple as rock climbing for some people, can seem like climbing a mountain for others. Being able to tackle the fear and actually give it a shot could change your life forever! What if you had never had the courage to say hello to your partner? How would your life have turned out? You would have regretted it I'll bet!

Don't let fear control you or your choices, make the choices deep down you want to make and maximize your life!

Standing up to bullies! (Threats)

So whether it is at school or the workplace, there are bullies everywhere. The typical person who picks on others and degrades their esteem to make themselves feel better. I used to get picked on in school quite a bit but I have known some tricks to help you out when it comes to bullies in your life.

1. Ignore them
As strange as it may seem, bullies get pleasure out of your pain... So by ignoring them your not reacting.

Bullying + Reaction = Continual Bullying


Bullying + No Reaction = No response or reaction for them to enjoy

When you don't give them a reaction, they don't get anything out of bullying you.

2. Get someone else involved
Whether your in school and it be your headmaster or your boss at work, if someone is bullying you then get someone with authority involved. You would be surprised how much a bully will usually repent when they are being yelled at by a person who has authority over them. Sometimes this makes them angrier at you though, so I recommend using this if you have to and possibly in conjunction with ignoring them.

I hope these simple tips will help you to make the most of your day and to stop worrying about those pesky bullies who make life miserable!

Managing Frustration

Today I want to talk about managing frustration, if you have ever had a bad day or a day where nothing seems to do what you want it to then you will be able to relate to this article. Today I found that my computer was broken and the company refused to help me fix it because it involved them sending a new computer because they installed some hardware wrong initially. This got me quite upset because that is a $1500 dollar computer that does not work anymore and I now have to spend a further $1500 dollars to get another. While on the phone to technical support, I felt like yelling at them but instead I took some of my own little tips and calmed myself down. I am going to show these tips with you, maybe they will help you just as much as they helped me.

1. Take a deep breath
Surprisingly, a deep breath can make things seem much better. I find when people are upset or frustrated with something they will own race through things and jump to conclusions. A deep breath is a quick break for people to slow down and take a moment to put things in perspective. This was the tip that saved me from loosing it on the phone today.

2. Find a minute for yourself
Honestly, find an excuse if your upset to go away and be with yourself for 5 minutes. If you want to take your anger out on a pillow or talk to yourself about the issue then do so. Lock the door, get your favorite thing (maybe a biscuit or a cup of hot chocolate) and just de-stress.

3. Talk about it
When your done pondering and you have consumed your hot chocolate or biscuit, if you feel comfortable talking the issue then find a family member or friend and talk to them about it. I am just about to go ring my friend on the phone and talk to him about it, see if he knows someone that can give me a good deal on a new computer.

4. Don't let it control you!
Most importantly, don't let the issue reside in you. The more you think about it after you have discussed the issue, the worse you will feel about it. Just let it pass and forget about it. It's for the better!

I hope these tips have been helpful and help you de-stress next time your feeling frustrated or angry.

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Question and Answer

I have decided to start up a service on the blog, free of course! Basically you click the little 'contact me' link in the menu bar and a pop-up window will appear. Simply ask any question you would like and I will answer them back and feature a few on the site in a series of question and answer posts. I found this to be helpful in several other activities I have done because it helps to answer questions for people that may be confused or help people identify that they aren't alone in an issue they may be struggling with.

Being in a community is very important and having people to talk to whether it be at work, church or in your family is essential to dealing with any issues that may arise. If you want me to answer a question but you do not want it featured on the site then please let me know in the email. I look forward to receiving all your questions and replying to you soon!



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