Managing Frustration

Today I want to talk about managing frustration, if you have ever had a bad day or a day where nothing seems to do what you want it to then you will be able to relate to this article. Today I found that my computer was broken and the company refused to help me fix it because it involved them sending a new computer because they installed some hardware wrong initially. This got me quite upset because that is a $1500 dollar computer that does not work anymore and I now have to spend a further $1500 dollars to get another. While on the phone to technical support, I felt like yelling at them but instead I took some of my own little tips and calmed myself down. I am going to show these tips with you, maybe they will help you just as much as they helped me.

1. Take a deep breath
Surprisingly, a deep breath can make things seem much better. I find when people are upset or frustrated with something they will own race through things and jump to conclusions. A deep breath is a quick break for people to slow down and take a moment to put things in perspective. This was the tip that saved me from loosing it on the phone today.

2. Find a minute for yourself
Honestly, find an excuse if your upset to go away and be with yourself for 5 minutes. If you want to take your anger out on a pillow or talk to yourself about the issue then do so. Lock the door, get your favorite thing (maybe a biscuit or a cup of hot chocolate) and just de-stress.

3. Talk about it
When your done pondering and you have consumed your hot chocolate or biscuit, if you feel comfortable talking the issue then find a family member or friend and talk to them about it. I am just about to go ring my friend on the phone and talk to him about it, see if he knows someone that can give me a good deal on a new computer.

4. Don't let it control you!
Most importantly, don't let the issue reside in you. The more you think about it after you have discussed the issue, the worse you will feel about it. Just let it pass and forget about it. It's for the better!

I hope these tips have been helpful and help you de-stress next time your feeling frustrated or angry.

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