Standing up to bullies! (Threats)

So whether it is at school or the workplace, there are bullies everywhere. The typical person who picks on others and degrades their esteem to make themselves feel better. I used to get picked on in school quite a bit but I have known some tricks to help you out when it comes to bullies in your life.

1. Ignore them
As strange as it may seem, bullies get pleasure out of your pain... So by ignoring them your not reacting.

Bullying + Reaction = Continual Bullying


Bullying + No Reaction = No response or reaction for them to enjoy

When you don't give them a reaction, they don't get anything out of bullying you.

2. Get someone else involved
Whether your in school and it be your headmaster or your boss at work, if someone is bullying you then get someone with authority involved. You would be surprised how much a bully will usually repent when they are being yelled at by a person who has authority over them. Sometimes this makes them angrier at you though, so I recommend using this if you have to and possibly in conjunction with ignoring them.

I hope these simple tips will help you to make the most of your day and to stop worrying about those pesky bullies who make life miserable!


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