Is fear holding you back?

So recently I have talked a little about fear but I thought today I would delve into the topic a little more. Fear is often one of the worst emotions we can have, it is restrictive, frightening and sometimes paralyzing in regards to making advancements in our life. Fear can hold us back from taking opportunities, making that next step, talking to that important person and can often be the one thing that dictates how our lives play out.

If you have ever been skydiving you will know that when you first think about it, two thoughts will arise. These are either, 'I want to give this a shot' or 'No way!'. The people who think 'No way!', straight off the bat often wont go ahead with it and therefor miss out on one of the most amazing experiences ever. The people who say 'Yes!' straight away will then continue down two sub-paths. When up in the plane the thoughts, 'Yes!' or 'I don't know about this...' will arise. Do you back out and let fear stop you? Or do you press on and have the time of your life? People often don't make that last step, they have done the work and all they have to do is make one last small step over that line to reap the benefits but they are afraid of what is on the other side.

Fear is a force that often can destroy lives and sometimes fear is what puts us in the right place at the right time, knowing how to control your fear is the important thing and ultimately the hardest thing to learn.


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