Putting in your heart, mind and soul!

Sitting on the bus today I could not think of an idea to base today's article on. When I got home, I looked up some news on the internet and saw that a 16 year old girl named Jessica Watson is on a quest to sail around the world solo. You may wonder, what does this have to do with self help and development? Well... part of making life the best it can be is to put effort into what we want to achieve. The only way to achieve something is to try it and that is what I see this young lady doing.

Although the notion of being the first and youngest female to sail around the world may see daunting for some, Jessica has put her heart and soul into this dream of hers and will see it through. There is quite a bit we can draw from Jessica and her attitude towards achieving her dream. Firstly to succeed at something, you must be passionate about it. Of course it is possible to succeed at something you are not passionate about but it is no fun at all, not like when you succeed at something your good at and enjoy doing. For some people it may be running short distances and qualifying for the olympics could be the goal, those people will get up at 4:30am every day to run and eat only certain foods to make sure they give themselves the best chance to qualify. Again, they are putting their hearts, their minds and their souls into this dream that is the life blood of who they are.

If you are good at something and you want to succeed at it or do even better, try to put even more effort in then before. You will find when you want something bad enough, you will go to extreme lengths to accomplish it! Here is to your success!


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